Business Development

Through consultancy activities, we guide the development of projects, startups, or companies, from diagnosis, definition of objectives, guidelines, plans and their accompaniments. Using the application studies and market research, known business models and management tools, we identify the demands of companies and opportunities, strengthening the development of its capacity for innovation and sustainable growth. This moves through the collection of information and debates to build new business models.

Consulting on Business Incubators and Accelerators

The Brazilian market for Business Incubation is now recognized worldwide as a benchmark against the results presented, such as the significant reduction in mortality of micro and small enterprises or the quality of generated innovative companies. We consider it a privilege to be part of the history of the sector through consulting services and engagement activities with the definition of public policies. This experience and involvement in the creation and structuring of new opportunities, always enriches the continuous learning about these business ecosystems.

Consulting and Implementation of CERNE Model

The CERNE Model marks the entry into a new phase of maturity, bringing in its essence a base of knowledge and experience of the main institutions of the sector, creating a reference platform to ensure minimum quality in the ability of business incubators to generate innovative ventures success. The Schneck Consulting participates and contributes to the model since its inception, and is currently accredited by ANPROTEC for the provision of services for the implementation of the model in business incubators.


In today's competitive business environment, a key competitive factor available is called "innovation". But it is important to understand that innovation happens by qualified people. They are who holds the knowledge to transform idea into something tangible. Innovation generates value competitiveness from the creativity, with results of the application of knowledge gained through scientific research applied to products or production processes, with new features and effective quality or productivity gains. The work carried out in partnership with the different teams, technical or administrative, in our customers, allow us to add guidelines in the development of new products and/or new services processes and/or business processes.

Design Services

One of the biggest challenges of the new enterprises is the ability to track the speed of changes and requirements in dynamic markets. This experience has been witnessed by our team over the last few years, where different tools apply for analysis of existing service processes and models, facilitating the identification of necessary improvements or to building a new model. Eventually one of the options is to address the concepts of Design Thinking, evaluating and readjusting to a model of impact services, by establishing correspondence between the needs of the solution and the available technical resources.

Process Mapping and Improvement

Existing techniques in the world of productivity support the identification of bottlenecks in production processes for analysis and readjustments. This impacts in significant improvements in existing systems or relevant integrations. Our consulting model prioritizes the collective construction of production processes with customer technical staff and monitoring the production introduction.

Systems Development

The Internet has revolutionized the way companies present themselves, used as a powerful marketing and business tool. Among our activities, we develop corporate websites and business software systems, related or not to our consulting services, considering studies and processes, for handling and processing the information. From the demand identification, we apply systems development techniques, project methodology, and appropriate programming languages to the planned objectives.

Entrepreneur Maturation

Intended for new Entrepreneurs, we work on developing skills in business management, people and processes. As one element in our projects, the development of entrepreneurial skills is the main strategy for economic and social bases. Entrepreneurship is the ability and desire to build an opportunity with growth potential and innovativeness.

Market Research and Feasibility Studies

Faced with the criticality importance of the information, is conditional on the success of any project to validate its potential before its market environment. The application or development of research and studies maximize the direction of the enterprise, emphasizing qualitative information that supports the definitions of the client's strategy.

Project, Business Plan, and Strategic Planning

Results only happen when we understand where and how it intend to arrive. Our staff guides the assessment and construction of scenarios that legitimize the opportunity, validating its potentials, defining marketing and operational strategies, reflected on facts and data. These products reflects the understanding and presentation of the business entity message's.


Offered to entrepreneurs and employees, our educational solutions seek personal development and knowledge generation, developing skills related to management and marketing. These solutions take into account the life cycle of the company and the knowledge level of those involved, focusing on an integrated content in specific formats.

Articulation and Fundraising

Any opportunity demands capital since its nascent stage thru its consolidation in its market. From the diagnosis of organizational goals, we structure the needs and the most appropriate sources in search of resources, whether public or private, where the degree of entrepreneurial development delineate the access to different profiles of investors or investment funds. In this aspect, we also prepare entrepreneurs for presentations to investors and investment rounds.

Project Management

Project management performed by our consultants applies knowledge, skills and techniques in carrying out activities related to achieving a set of predefined objectives, through human and technical resources. Involves parameters of time, cost and quality. Everyone involved in the project should work towards the progress and interaction, increasing the expected results and minimizing the risks involved.


In light of globalization in the productive and business scenario, companies face an era of international competition, and it is expected that, in addition of its locally consolidation, have the potential for a performance in other overseas markets as they face these competitors. Our staff supports the structuring of an international strategy, sustained by a long-term vision with objectives and actions defined.

Technology Guidance

Complementary to variant information, technology guidance supports business development. The support for process improvements and technology products, seeks to optimize production, as well as its logistics operation. When on pursues to the concept behind the required technology, this concept must be proven and verifiable.

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