Entrepreneurship is an art tried by many, but successful for a few. A promising company depends on the ability of its Management in a well-defined business model, prioritizing the development of its offering and its marketing model. Eventually, these ventures may get benefits from Support Ecosystem, such as Business Incubators, Business Accelerators, Technology Parks, Research Centers, Academic Institutions, Development Agents, Support Services, Investors, and other entities of the supply chain.

The world of entrepreneurship is rooted in the articulation of three pillars. When connected intelligently, generate success stories and positive economic impact.

The Academy contributes to the dissemination of knowledge, to the development of research, and to drill professionals.
The Private Sector, through their knowledge of the market, identifies opportunities, innovations and investments relevant to the generation of successful ventures for the economic and social development.
The Government supports the development through its policies, including actions of incentives and regulation.

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